Returning to the Role of the Working Mom

After having 14 months off in which I birthed a little girl and we brought into our family, another baby girl, it’s time to shake things up and go back to work.

17 musings on return-to-work eve…..

1. People warned us it would be so much (or too much) work having Miss Middle join the family while Our baby girl was still so little. And it was a shit ton of work, it really was….. but 7 months into being a family of 5, we have hit a good stride.

2. There are no Performance Reviews while on mat leave, and for someone with a “grade me, grade me” personality, life at home can be challenging without feedback.

3. My car may forever smell bad.

4. Before my leave, I had visions of having enough time while on leave to write the LSAT. Ha!

5. I look forward to not having to play Eenie Meenie on showering, brushing my teeth and putting on make up.

6. Our 3 terrorists are glorious creatures and I will miss spending as much time with them as I have been lucky to have.

7. The value of a good therapist to supplement your parenting skills is priceless.

8. My brain synapses are so excited to get a workout. “Strategy” and “value proposition” and “donor retention” sound like sexy, dirty in a good way words.

9. I think I kept plans with (or at least didn’t reschedule or show up late to) only 2.4 people in the last 14 months.

10. I reached level 699 on Candy Crush. (Do with that as you will).

11. Carrying 50lbs of wiggly girls up and down stairs 300x a day can be mastered. I only dropped them once.

12. I wish I had found out about my keto diet sooner. My body is happy and getting happier every day. My body also loves whiskey, so happiness can also be a drink away.

13. I have no idea what it will be like going back to work tomorrow, as everything has changed there in the last 14 months. Then I think, everything has changed at home as well, so get on the change train and go with it.

14. I’m grateful my (sexy) husband Dwayne is so excited to take on the stay at home parent role. He is going to make it look easy.

15. I will have more quiet, alone time in the next week during my commute than I have had in the last year. I am ok with that. Very ok.

16. I will probably cry at some point tomorrow.

17. I am so grateful for how things have gone down. I think I have gratitude coming out my hoo-ha.

About Avoiding The Train Wreck

I like cheese. I am a odd duck, learning to parent my 3 kids while trying to ensure our world doesn't come to a crashing halt at any time. The chaos of our everyday in this home is like trying to prevent a colossal train wreck every single day. I provide pithy commentary on these daily adventures and I do not take myself too seriously. Pssst...neither should you. This is a place to continue my first (abandoned) attempts at blogging found here. I may also bring in a few previous posts from FB. And I like wine too.
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