A New Soapbox

My small number of friends on FB have at times responded to one of my attempts at humour or insight with the comment: “You should have a blog.” I cringe to think how many other people are simultaneously thinking “Please Lord, do not give this lady another platform on which to speak!”

What I have not revealed to many is that I had one, this one, then I stopped.  I have the attention span of a gold fish at times and I am always trying to improve my follow through.  And so it was an unsuccessful venture.  But alas I shall try once more. Lord knows I have enough content in which to draw from in my life. Watch out friends, nothing is sacred. Well, maybe some things are,mbut I’m not sure what those are yet.

Forgive my shocking ineptitude in setting up my own blog, but I’m hoping I can bring content maybe 3 people will enjoy. So if you find something on here that tickles you, feel free to share, and on the other hands, bring on the “hiss boo” of your discontent. Comment at will!

About Avoiding The Train Wreck

I like cheese. I am a odd duck, learning to parent my 3 kids while trying to ensure our world doesn't come to a crashing halt at any time. The chaos of our everyday in this home is like trying to prevent a colossal train wreck every single day. I provide pithy commentary on these daily adventures and I do not take myself too seriously. Pssst...neither should you. This is a place to continue my first (abandoned) attempts at blogging found here. I may also bring in a few previous posts from FB. And I like wine too.
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One Response to A New Soapbox

  1. Chantal says:

    I absolutely love all your posts – to Facebook, and on this blog. Your witticisms never cease to amaze and amuse me, and often “make my day”. If you need prompting to post, just leave me a message, and I’ll prompt you… I know it can be trying, at times, to find the time to blog when your family is young and demanding attention, but remember that you also require “adult” times for yourself. Use this medium to provide adult relief for yourself, and amusement for me… Love you to bits, Shanny!!


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